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Sacred Space Armor Kit

2018, Author: ahippie


The African Hippie Craft Kits are a return to indigenous
practices meant to manifest our inner magic.

This Sacred Craft kit is for protecting yourself and your home
from energies that don’t serve your best interest.

Create a clean energy canvas wherever you go.
Energy in it’s abundance and power to move through spaces and time, can get stuck.
If you’ve ever felt uncomfortable, restless, or irritable in your home or other spaces, there may be negative, stagnant, or blocked energy in that space. It can come from a various sources: people who may have been in that space before you, people near by, clutter, electrical currents, bringing it with you from the outside, and it all can have an adverse affect on your vibration.

The intention is to release the past to clear the way for fresh and supportive energy to flow.

The Sacred Space Armor Set is meant to support in response to these situations and useful for the following scenarios:

  • when traveling and staying in a new space
  • moving into a new home
  • removing unwanted energy from your current home
  • welcoming clean energy into your life (sickness, breakups, renewal)
  • boosting your mood

All Sacred Craft protection kits are curated during a full moon
for prime protection.

In the Kit:

  • quartz crystal and mineral infused “Sacred Space Amour” spray
  • protection potion
  • 2 hand picked raw crystals in individual bag (crystals vary by season)
  • protection smudging wand
  • abalone shell
  • manifest card+instructions
  • handcrafted kit bag
    Bag will vary from the picture and is picked by spirit for each order. Our bags are all made from sari scraps as we strive to be a zero waste facility.

*Always place your wand on the provided shell during and after use.. 
Never leave your burning sage wand unattended.  
Always be safe when working with fire and with magic. 

  • Additional Information

    Weight 1 lbs
    Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in